Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Courses

Learn the solution to the illusion of hair follicles, otherwise known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

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What is S.M.P.?

Tina Kay provides the solution to the illusion of follicles otherwise known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation. This treatment is carried out by highly skilled professionals and is used to replicate the hair follicles using a cosmetic tattoo technique.

The scalp tattoo is a specialized process during which tiny deposits of pigment are positioned within the dermal layer of the skin. This makes the hair look like has a short shaved hairstyle. This treatment is non-surgical and scar free, allowing instant results, enabling you to walk out of the clinic confident with your new hairline.

SMP is the perfect hair loss answer for:

– Receding Hair
– Receding hairlines
– Crown hair-loss
– Camouflaging scars and burns
– Damaged hair due to hair systems and extensions

Who is it for?

– Balding
Scalp Micro pigmentation for baldness creates the illusion of a shaved head look that was otherwise unattainable from other cosmetic hair procedures. Even on diminishing hair, this procedure gives amazing results too, providing the impression of denser hair and definition to the hairline.

– Women
The procedure on women is used to reduce the visible difference between the hair color and scalp. Finding hair thinning in areas can be a real confidence dropper. Our procedures give hair a fuller look and fill in the visible areas where the hair appears thinner. This allows more hair options without the worry of a visible scalp.

– Scarring
Scarring on the head after surgery often results in hair loss on and around the scar tissue. Micro pigmentation safely covers up scars with the appearance of a shaved hair. Whether the scar is surrounded by short shaved hair or longer hair, this procedure reduces the visible scarring giving back confidence and taking any unwanted attention away from the area.

– Receding
Receding hairlines come to most of us and are something that can reduce your confidence. Our micro pigmentation solutions give confidence back by creating a fuller look, reducing visible scalp and bringing the hairline back to where it should be and giving a more youthful look.

Our Training

Our 4-day training programme offers the ultimate educational experience followed by excellent on-going support. With a proven balance of both theory and practical learning you’ll gain the valuable knowledge and techniques used to perform micro pigmentation procedures to the same high standards we offer.

Training is displaced over two 2 day sessions; the first set will cover theory plus a practical on imitation skin and a live model (you need to bring your own model though we may be able to provide one). It is because of this that the course is split in two as the model needs the required healing time a client would receive before having the second round of treatment.

Prices available for the training alone, or for the training plus the machine and initial starting equipment. We only accept bank transfer, visa payment or cash (no cheques). All lessons are prepaid.


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